I highly recommend using Thom Underwood to appraise your jewelry. I first became aware of his work on the diamond website, "pricescope.com", where two other people recommended him. I was able to coordinate a convenient appointment via voicemail. Thom promptly called me back and was very courteous and professional. The day of the appraisal, he made me feel very comfortable with what he was doing by explaining each step of his appraisal and how he concludes the actual worth of my jewelry. I was nervous about buying a diamond off of the internet, and he quickly assuaged my concerns by matching the diamond to the AIG certificate and by clearly demonstrating its values and flaws. In the end, my diamond was an excellent value and I felt very good not only about my online diamond purchase, but also my choice of Thom Underwood as an appraiser. His work was so good that I decided to come back to him a few days later to appraise the diamond and the engagement ring for insurance purposes. He was just as professional, efficient and timely on the second appraisal. - G. Evans, San Diego

I received the appraisal and had no difficulty opening it. I am very pleased with the result and will forward it over to my insurance agent. I really appreciate the time you spent in appraising the pieces and the professionalism you showed in the process. Thank you very much for your fine work. - Luann, San Diego

Called Thom yesterday to appraise an engagement ring and he was able to see me today. Appraisal was extremely professional and he gave me a ton of great information. Price was very reasonable for the high quality. I would absolutely recommend Thom to anyone without a second's hesitation.

Perhaps more important than all of the GREAT work, GREAT price, and GREAT appraisal report: My fiance LOVED the picture he took of her ring and included in the report :) Thanks Thom! - David, San Diego

Wonderful and professional experience. I had met with several appraisers and did not feel comfortable leaving my engagement ring for several days to be appraised. Thom did a first -rate job right in front of me within 45 minutes and gave me a great understanding of the process. Highly recommend. - Ann, Del Mar